Study Abroad in Germany

A free Guide for international Students

Guide for international Students
– Study in Germany –

Germany offers the best conditions for studying abroad. Here you can lay the foundation for your future career path. Those...
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Bachelor’s Study in Germany:
Your Start to an International Career

Doing a Bachelor's degree in Germany is a great idea for young people, because the conditions are ideal to gain a new skills!
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Master’s degree from Germany:
Profiling for the international career

A Master's degree course in Germany opens many doors and prepares students for an international career. Here you will find...
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Your Schedule:
Plan your application!

Many students find themselves faced with the problem of organizing their application to study in Germany....
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The Costs of Living:
Studying as foreign student in Germany

How much does it cost to study in Germany? Is it really free of charge to...
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Free Organization

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