15 reasons for an internship abroad

An internship abroad builds bridges and opens doors. Here you will find a summary of the 15 most important reasons for an internship abroad!

The Top Top Reasons for an Internship Abroad

Planning an internship abroad as a temporary year?

Do you want to take a break between your Bachelor and Master studies in order to gain experience?

An internship abroad is an excellent idea especially if you don’t find a permanent job immediately after finishing your studies. With an internship abroad, you can easily pass this time. With a gap year, you can avoid unattractive gaps in your CV. So you don’t have to search for plausible explanations for this time and in addition you will gain experience abroad and professional work experience.


You expand your wealth of experience

Studying abroad can help you develop your personality! You will easily broaden your personal horizons and strengthen your self-confidence. This way you will be more open to new things and be able to act more flexibly overall. You’ll come home smarter.

Self-confidence on the social arena

You not only learn to anticipate difficult challenges, but also to address people directly to the current development and to successfully communicate solutions. Communication on such difficult topics makes it possible to avoid problems before they occur.

By acquiring this strength, an awareness for the evaluation of different situations develops and self-confidence in one’s own abilities increases enormously.

You will know where to go on a professional path

An internship abroad will also be worthwhile for you if the contents of your training or studies are not completely in accordance with the internship. You may gain a wide range of additional experience! So it is possible that your career aspiration becomes stronger, or you realize that the time has come for a reorientation.

For some students, an internship abroad is such a great and enjoyable experience that they enjoy going abroad when starting a “hard career”.

Other students, on the other hand, learn from initial naivety and forego future employment abroad. This group of students also have good reasons why they take this negative attitude.

An internship abroad is a valuable experience in both cases, which will enrich you!

Networks and Social Skills

You’re acquiring “Intercultural Intelligence.”

An internship abroad is not just about getting to know a foreign country. It is more important that you learn to deal with foreign cultures and mentalities during your stay. For internationally operating companies, this is an important factor in the selection of their personnel.

You actively learn one or more foreign languages

Nowadays, it is a matter of course to master the English language. But most companies want people who speak a second foreign language. And an internship abroad is ideal for precisely this purpose. Most of the time it takes long enough for you to find your way into the language of your country and learn it.

Personality: Strengthening through intercultural project management

Working together on projects and solving the most difficult problems in a collaborative way, one’s own social skills develop at a tremendous pace. It is of great importance in this context if you have already worked in interdisciplinary teams. You will then be better acquainted with the skills, functions and knowledge of other people, be better able to assess situations and approach colleagues who have a great deal of knowledge about certain procedures.

Through the experience gained and the extended network in early phases of one’s own career, one learns to use potentials in a targeted way and to consciously master upcoming problems. In particular, the experience gained is an essential advantage for the career.

If you even go to a multinational company abroad, you have to overcome several hurdles. Within a few months you will learn to deal with challenging situations and be prepared to tackle obstacles. Through an internship in a distant country, however, you will also learn about the advantages of other cultures and acquire specific social skills.

Build networks for your future!

Social networking can be groundbreaking for the future

Of course you will make some contacts in the foreign company. Especially so called chance acquaintances outside the own company can prove to be positive for the future.

An internship abroad opens doors

An internship abroad is particularly important if you have completed a course of studies that is oriented to an international career from the beginning. Especially if you are studying economics, foreign language skills and experience abroad are things that make a positive impression on recruiting staff.

You differ from your competitors

If you can refer to an internship abroad in your CV, you will certainly be in a much better position when selecting applicants. Nowadays, it is very important that you distinguish yourself from the crowd of other applicants. For a potential employer, this means that you can perceive work processes differently. After all, you now have a comparison of how things actually work in foreign companies. This way you can challenge existing processes for years. At the same time, the employer assumes that you are open to new ideas and approaches and that you will bring them in without compulsion. The employer implies that you will approach problems from a completely different perspective.

Gains in customer and solution orientation

You develop global solution competence

Problems arise because we do not find the right preparations and answers for dealing with them. Language is a major problem here. Language is too imprecise to be able to present all ideas, concepts and solutions.

But the problem of language cannot be solved by learning a new language! In order to be able to mediate between different people, one must also know their culture. Without culture, people would hardly be who they are. Through their different ideas, their own problems and their close environment, they react differently to many developments and emerging problems.

Dealing with a problem therefore requires a high degree of openness and dedication in solving a complex problem. This openness can only be learned through confrontation with a correspondingly demanding environment. An internship abroad can often be a valuable introduction to such a complex understanding of solutions.

However, those who are not experienced interculturally and interhumanly often underestimate the entire situation and identify completely different elements for an apparent solution.

You learn to see from the perspective of a foreign customer

By learning the views of customers and other interested parties of your own work, you learn to see problems with the eyes of others. Problems remain then not only problems of the others, but also for one’s own access. This resets the ego-centered perspective of one’s own and enables a problem to be solved together in an interdisciplinary way. The great advantage of learning the customer’s point of view lies in the understanding of critical thinking. You learn to understand what is important to the customer and what the customer appreciates. This will enable the company to approach its customers consciously and develop integrated solutions for them in the future.

Prove creativity abroad

That’s exactly what an internship abroad forces you to do. During an internship in the inland, you don’t have to leave your familiar surroundings and familiar faces. Everything stays the same. Abroad, on the other hand, you will be able to get used to the language of your country and make friends with strangers from different backgrounds. You have to adapt to a new and unknown culture and show a certain sensitivity for its specificities.

Your internship company can become your future employer

You shouldn’t forget the memory factor either. If you would like to start your career abroad and apply to the company where you have completed your internship for a permanent position, the recruiter may remember you. This can make it easier for you to get an appointment for an interview.


An internship abroad is not only useful for achieving a wider range of career paths, but also a wonderful opportunity to gain experience. You get to know the viewpoints and ways of thinking of colleagues in order to work together on the implementation of goals. You learn how to better use communication and its means, expand and improve your social skills and consciously learn to know and develop your own strengths.

We are part of the whole and a whole in a large part: On the one hand, the view lies on the self-image, which must never be abandoned. On the other hand, it is inevitable to realize that the future possibilities depend on the joint development of all parts of the puzzle.

Advantages of an internship abroad

Each of these reasons is in itself a reason to gain experience abroad for a certain period of time. Experience is usually a big plus for your own development.

The reasons – briefly and succinctly

  • Personal development: discovering new opportunities
  • Unconventional creativity: problem-solving thinking from the perspective of other cultures
  • New professional competence: Getting to know your own strengths
  • New relationships: Expanding the social network
  • More stable emotion: increased stability against new life situations
  • International awareness of problems: Diplomatic problem-solving skills (social skills)
  • Intercultural competence: cooperation with new working cultures

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