Lonely? 7 free time activities to get more friends

Together, the world is more fun! Are there creative ways to quickly find friends?

There is big problem with anonymity. At major universities in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin or Munich – especially in “mass subjects” such as business administration, law or German studies. Students who do not study in their home town will feel lost very quickly. So what do you do to get to know like-minded people – also outside the university? We introduce you to seven great leisure activities where you can quickly meet new people!

The classic: Team sports activities

Athletic people have it easier – not only in keeping the ideal weight, but also in getting to know new people. Especially when they do team sports. Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, capoeira or a cheerleading team: If you join a sports team, you’ll automatically meet new people. One advantage is that you get to know each other quite quickly, because you train (or play) very intensively together. Little hint: In many cases there are also offers for team sports via the university sports of the respective city. This way you get to know other students and it is cheaper than a “normal” sports club!

Go and dance Salsa!

Okay, it doesn’t have to be salsa – there are other dances! However, the Salsa scene is very open to new faces and once you have learned Salsa, you can meet new people who share one of your passions in every major city around the world. You can also easily get to know a partner at a dance course, club or salsa party. If you also like to go out in your free time rather than exercising, you can enjoy the hobby “Salsa dancing” – and do something for your health.

Discover the actor inside yourself!

Those who like to stand on stage should definitely consider the spectacle as a leisure activity. When you play theatre, you work with the “ensemble” – that’s how you get to know people with whom you have something in common. Theatre groups are available in almost every city – and most of the time there are also groups at the universities where you can get to know other students. If you are looking for a whole production in a amateur playgroup, you can also attend an acting class or a workshop. Compared to a theatre group, they have the advantage that there are usually not so many rehearsals, because no performance is aimed to be performed.

Singing in a chorus

You don’t necessarily need a top voice to sing in a choir. If you simply enjoy singing, a choir is a great idea to meet new interesting people in your free time. There are also choirs and singing groups at universities. If you like the idea, you can also check it out at your university.

Learn a (new) language

Do you have a soft spot for the soft sound of Italian or are you a fan of Russian literature? Then a language course may be a great activity for you! Most of the time, you can also get special offers directly at the university, which are especially for students. And since language classes are mostly focused on dialogue, you can talk to other participants quickly, practice together with them after class – or exchange ideas while having a cup of coffee over the fact that you two haven’t managed to learn the vocabulary again….

Be brave and do volunteer work!

Volunteering is becoming increasingly important in Germany. In addition to your studies, get involved in a great projects and get to know new people who are also involved. You can even achieve several aims with a single project: First, you do something really good. In addition, you will of course coordinate your tasks in a team and get to know such nice, committed “colleagues”. And with certain tasks, such as getting involved in helping, you will also meet very interesting people who might never have crossed your path – like a hero!

Create a group on Facebook or on Couchsurfing

You’re really a really lively and you have interests that not everyone has? You like cataloguing stork nests or are interested in heraldry? There is simply no group for this yet? Then the social networks are a great way to bring people together locally. Just set up a facebook or other network interest group and organize meetings for interested people in your city. If your peer group just doesn’t exist, organize it yourself – because somewhere “out there” there are the other 10 people in your area who are passionate about the same topic!

Conclusion: No one has to stay alone!

There are really thousands of opportunities to get to know people through their leisure activities. Just think about what interests you the most and look for institutions or groups in which you can live “your topic” with like-minded people. There are also many offers available on the student campus. And if there is nothing else – organize it yourself! This way you are guaranteed to find your perfect match within a few weeks, no matter where you go!


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