A Cultural Weekend in Weimar

Weimar has many museums, monuments, castles, parks and other sights. Of course, Goethe and Schiller are the main features of the city, but the Bauhaus Museum and the castle are also worth a visit. But not only culture lovers will get their money’s worth in Weimar. Located on the banks of the river Ilm and with a population of about 65,000, the town is located in Thuringia at the foot of the Ettersberg and is also an inviting place for extensive park walks and a pleasant stroll through the city. If you spend a weekend in Weimar, there is a lot to discover and enjoy. It certainly won’t get boring.

Sehenswerte Plätze in Weimar

The best way to get a tour of Weimar is to take a guided city tour. This way you can find out which places are particularly worth seeing and you can visit them later in peace and quiet. In any case, you should take a look at Goethe’s house with the National Museum. It is considered the most important testimony of Weimar Classicism, as Goethe spent 50 years of his life here. The Bauhaus Museum is also one of the places you should definitely visit when visiting Weimar. Here you can find a selection of the collection of the Staatliche Bauhaus, which was built in 1919 in Weimar and was known all over the world. The magnificent city palace houses the former Grand-Ducal art collection from the beginning of the Middle Ages to the modern age. You should also plan a visit here. The new special exhibition on the Weimar Republic, dedicated to the chapter of the National Assembly in Weimar, is worth a visit for all those interested in history and hobby historians as well as the Buchenwald Memorial. If you like dance, opera and drama performances, you are in the right place at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar. It was founded by Goethe over 200 years ago.

Great experiences for your evenings in Weimar

For your Friday and Saturday evening in Weimar you should of course also think about something special beforehand. A visit to the park at the Ilm is recommended – especially in the summer months. Then it is only a little visited and offers great views of the hilly landscape. Afterwards you can visit a restaurant or a cosy pub. The following locations are especially popular with young people:

  • Casablanca” at the back of the Weimar market square: Great cocktails, a relaxed atmosphere and nice music.
  • The “Sächsische Hof” directly on Herderplatz: Convincing with its cosy furnishings, good cuisine and fast service.
  • The “Schwarzbierhaus” only 100 meters away from the Saxon court
  • The next-door location “Texas”.
  • The Residenz-Café “B 52” located opposite of the castle

From 6 p. m. you can also experience a lot of things in Weimar, drink one or two cocktails or enjoy a cool beer. Alternatively, you can also visit the 3D cinema.

Overnight stay in Weimar – Good and cheap at a youth hostel

There are of course all kinds of overnight accommodations in Weimar. Young and price-conscious people, however, avoid the relatively expensive and quickly booked out hotels, but opt for one of the youth hostels. There are several of them in Weimar, which is due to the fact that this city is very popular for school trips and school excursions due to the wide range of cultural activities.

The youth hostel “Am Poseckschen Garten” is recommended. It offers 101 beds in two to eight-bed rooms. Each room has a separate wash basin, while shower and toilet are on each floor. This accommodation is also suitable for handicapped people.

The youth hostel “Germania” is also gladly chosen by students and young people. The 120 beds are divided into single and six-bed rooms. It is located in the north of Weimar and only 150 metres from the main train station. It takes only ten minutes on foot to reach the Old Town and thus the centre of Weimar. The dining room can accommodate 70 people. There is also Maxim Gorki Youth Hostel, which also offers reasonably priced and well-equipped rooms.

How to arrange your museum day in Weimar

There are several museums in Weimar, so you can spend an entire day in the museum. For example, start with the experience of history at WEIMAR HAUS. Afterwards you can visit the Gothe National Museum with Goethe’s house and then visit Schiller’s house. Then the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar and finally Goethe’s garden house are scheduled for the programme. The Amalia library of the Duchess Anna, the royal tomb with Goethe’s last resting place and the Liszt House are also worth seeing. Finish your museum day with a visit to the Weimar City Museum or the Castle Museum of the City Palace.

How to get to Weimar

The journey can be made either by car, as Weimar is located directly on the A4 motorway and is only five kilometres from the motorway exit 49 “Weimar” to the city centre. Alternatively, it is also possible to take the train, as the station is connected to the IntercityExpress routes Frankfurt-Berlin and Frankfurt-Dresden.


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