Check admission requirements to study in Germany

Step 3: Examine the admission requirements for your studies

You know what you want to study. Then you have to check the requirements to see if you can be admitted.

Studying in Germany is very inexpensive, even if you don’t include general fees and living expenses, but the admission requirements must still be fulfilled.

Test the requirements: Is your school leaving certificate enough?

You can easily check whether you are admitted to study in Germany on the DAAD website:

Check admission requirements: Do I have the qualifications to study in Germany? (external link)

First of all, the good news is that all nationals of an EU member state as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not have to meet any special admission requirements if they are allowed to study in their home country with their school certificates.

All applicants from non-EU countries can check the admission requirements for studying in Germany using the link above. Of course, it is free of charge!

Understanding the test results

Scenario 1: Direct General Access to all subjects

You can apply for any course of study at a German university.

You have full access and can apply for any degree course.

Scenario 2: Subject-specific access

Have you already studied in your home country before? Then you often have the opportunity to apply in the same or a similar subject in Germany.

Subject-specific access allows you to study without unnecessary training. But admission is limited to your area of expertise.

Scenario 3: Preparatory College

The prerequisites for studying are usually almost fulfilled. The chances of studying in Germany are quite good.

In order to prepare for a course of study, it is necessary to attend a preparatory course. During your time at the Studienkolleg, you will deal with special subjects related to your studies, such as technology, mathematics, history and society. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn the German language intensively.

The Studienkolleg concludes with a final examination in which you have to prove your knowledge and language skills. The preparatory course usually lasts 2 semesters. If you are particularly good, it is often possible to finish your studies after one semester.

Just like the course of study, the Studienkolleg is usually very inexpensive or free of charge.

Alternative to the Studienkolleg

If you don’t want to lose any time and want to start studying straight away, there are often alternatives. You can start your studies in your home country! After 2 or 4 semesters of study you will often receive the subject-specific university entrance qualification, which you can often use to apply in Germany. Use the link above to better evaluate the impact of your decisions.

Language requirements for studies

If you meet all the technical admission requirements, you can check the language requirements in Step 4 of our guide.

Refusal and Alternative

Refusal and Alternative

The requirements for studying in Germany are usually higher than in other countries. Depending on the study programme, places in Germany can also be very rare, so that success is not always possible and certainly not with each study programme!

The world offers many beautiful study places. Apply for your studies in another country or come to Germany as a visiting student after at least four completed semesters.


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