Amsterdam in the semester break

The city of canals and bridges has a lot to offer to students. Amsterdam is famous for coffee shops, tulips, bikers and beautiful architectural buildings.

Amsterdam’s nightlife is a very special kind of tolerance. The cultural offerings are very diverse. If you want to visit Amsterdam as a student and without a huge budget, you should consider some things when planning your trip:

The Sightseeings

It doesn’t have to be a canal cruise. But you should take a few minutes to just stand by the canal and watch the hustle and bustle there, to breathe in the city air of a city that is never far from the water.

Amsterdam is full of museums: the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum are just three of the city’s countless museums. If you want to visit more than three museums, it is almost worthwhile to buy a museum ticket. It is valid all year round and offers free admission to more than 400 museums throughout the Netherlands.

The Vondelpark is free of charge. A very well-kept park in the heart of the city. Especially in summer you can spend an afternoon here and with little money (maybe for an ice-cream or the delicious fries) you can enjoy great memories. There are often open air events which invite you to participate. If you don’t want to participate yourself, the slackliners, frisbee players and jugglers are at least entertaining to watch.

Amsterdam’s nightlife offers something for everyone. It is worth asking about parties, festivals, concerts and events. A tour through the red light district De Wallen is at least interesting and there are many traditional pubs and taverns. In addition, Amsterdam offers many well-known clubs beyond the city borders, such as the “Bitterzoet”, the “Canvas op de 7e” on the 7th floor above the Volkshotel, the “Club 8” and many more.

Holland’s number #1: the bicycle

If you want to explore Amsterdam in an uncomplicated way and with the usual means of transport, you should use a bicycle. If you don’t arrive by car and you have the possibility to bring one with you, you can borrow one quite cheaply. The bikes will be brought to the hostel in the morning for about 15 Euro per day or you can pick them up for 8-12 Euro per day directly at the rental. However, a deposit must be left in each case. Depending on the rental company, this can be credit card data or an identification paper.

Guided bike tours are not as unattractive and boring as you might think at first glance. The tours have different focal points: coffee shops, beer tours, photo or self-service tours. The AirBnB users and couchsurfers can, however, rely on the availability of a bike. Because everyone has at least one.

Amsterdam, the city of discounts

In Amsterdam there are a lot of offers that you should book in advance. The Amsterdam City Card offers free admission to some of the city’s museums for 24,48,72 or 96 hours, a canal cruise and numerous discounts on events, restaurants and cafés. The use of the public transport network GVB in Amsterdam (bus, tram and metro) is included.

Canal, Gray Line or Holland International ticket shops in the city centre offer 24-hour Amsterdam tickets & hop-on/hop-off channel tours. The combination of both means that you can explore Amsterdam at your own pace for one day and completely free.

With a Hollandpass you save 50% and queuing in many places. That is a good offer for only 45 Euro (depending on the season) if you want to visit several attractions and museums.

The journey

Amsterdam is one of the cities that is easily accessible by car, especially from the Ruhr area or the northwest of Germany. However, you should be careful with carpooling with whom you are riding. If anesthetics are found in the car during German inspections, all occupants are trapped and in the worst case all are liable.

Those who want to travel by train should book early. That saves money. From some big cities there are also night trains to Amsterdam, that saves one overnight stay on the spot, you arrive rested in the best case and the whole day is available for sightseeing after arrival.

In Amsterdam it is worth having an international student card with you. In spite of many discount cards and promotions, it is often possible to get a price reduction on the spot. Asking questions doesn’t cost anything.

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 – 1669)

Accommodation for pupils and students

Compared to other European countries, Amsterdam is not necessarily among the cheapest cities in terms of accommodation prices. However, if you book early and take advantage of discount campaigns, you can save a lot. Special hostels for students, such as Orfeo Hostel, offer little comfort and very reasonable rates. If you don’t spend too much time in the hotel and can live with a bunk bed, you can make some real bargains here. There is a wide range of couchsurfing and airbnb offers in Amsterdam. With the living facilities of AirBnB, with luck, even the use of their boat is included. Couchsurfing is usually completely free of charge, except for one guest gift.


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