Application for foreign students
to study in Germany

Applying to study in Germany is quite easy for foreign students.

Anyone applying for a place to study in Germany should know that there are 3 different ways to apply. See below:

Application for study in Germany as a foreigner

1. Direct application to your university

What is the direct application?

If you want to apply directly, send your application directly to the university.

Not all universities are members of uni-assist. For many universities in Germany, you can only apply by sending your application documents directly to the university.

How should I proceed to apply directly?

Who should apply directly to the university?

In Step 2, find out whether the desired degree programme requires a direct application. The details provided by the university are binding for the application process.

2. Application via uni-assist

What is uni-assist?

The uni-assist e. V. is an institution that assists in the evaluation of international qualifications of applicants. uni-assist is an easy way to apply.

How does it work?
What are the advantages of using uni-assist?
Who should apply via uni-assist?

The costs are currently 75 euros. You can then apply for several courses of study. If you want to apply at several universities, the fee increases by a small amount.

More information about the application process can be found here:

Not all universities use uni-assist to evaluate international applications. Some universities evaluate applications using their own procedures. More on this under point 1.

3. Application via

There is a nationwide application office for medical degree programmes in Germany. Due to the very high requirements placed on candidates and the very high number of applicants, the central admissions office creates equal opportunities for all applicants.

What is Hochschulstart?
Who should apply via

You want to study medicine and you are an EU citizen? Then apply for your studies at

Questions and Answers

What happens after the application?

First, your application will be checked. The university usually decides on admission on the basis of the documents submitted. If you succeed, you’ll get a letter of admission from the university.

You may be contacted by the university or a central office and asked to send further documents. Sometimes that happens when your records are incomplete. This friendly hint is usually only possible if you apply early. Otherwise, it can also happen that there is not enough time to complete missing documents.

What do I do with the letter of admission?

If you have the letter of admission in your hand, you should prepare for your studies by now at the latest.

If you need a visa, you should make an appointment with the German Foreign Office in your home country. So that everything runs smoothly, you should be prepared for the appointment in the embassy!

What am I supposed to do in the meantime?

If you have applied to an university and know that you are particularly interested in studying in a specific city, you should apply for a place in a hostel as early as possible. A place in a dormitory is usually much cheaper than an apartment and roughly as expensive as a room in a shared apartment.

When enrolling, you must also be able to prove that you have the necessary German language skills. The knowledge required for enrollment is higher than for application! If you have not yet been able to prove your language proficiency, you should prepare yourself thoroughly for the exam!

You can find out more about the required enrollment documents under this link: Documents for enrollment

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