Application process for a student visa

Foreign students often ask for help in organizing and preparing for their studies in Germany. Often no one is available, relatives and friends don’t know the answer, and free information is rarely clear. Worse: Often information costs money!

This little guide is meant to help you plan your journey. The information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge in order to enable you to follow an orderly process.

Step 1

Step 1: Arrange an appointment with the German Embassy.

The first step is the preparation for a smooth process. For this purpose, you should have your documents together and be able to demonstrate that you are prepared for studying in Germany.

Arrange an appointment: To obtain a visa for studying in Germany, you simply need to make an appointment with the German Embassy.

Address: The address of the German Federal Foreign Office in your home country can be found on its website.

Addresses of the German Foreign Office (PDF)

You do NOT need to contact other companies. They can’t speed up the issuing of visas!

Duration: It can take up to 8 weeks until your appointment. Most of the time, however, you get an appointment much faster.

Step 2

Step 2: Prepare your documents

Hopefully you already had all the documents ready in step one. Otherwise, you should prepare yourself well for your appointment so that the process is clean and simple. The best way to collect all important documents is to collect them in a folder and prepare all documents quickly, ready to hand and well sorted.

 Option A) Visa for study 

You should definitely bring along with you:

  • The letter of admission from the institution of higher education
  • 60 Euro or a comparable amount in the currency of your home country (Yen, USD, Rub, etc.)
  • A valid identification document

Because a proof of financing of financing is required, the documents for a blocked account should also be taken along.


Option B) Visa for the application process

also:  For applicants without Admission Letter from University .

Anyone who does not yet have a letter of admission but still qualifies for a course of study can apply for a visa.

You should definitely bring along with you:

  • high school leaving certificate
  • Proof of language proficiency

    • Case: German programme – Proof of knowledge of the German language
    • Case: English programme – Proof of knowledge of the English language
    • more information…
  • 60 Euro or a comparable amount in the currency of your home country (Yen, USD, Rub, etc.)
  • Proof of financial support: Completed application for a blocked account
  • A valid identification document
  • A proof of a valid health insurance for your travel and
    a proof of a valid health insurance for your stay in Germany
  • if available: Intermediate certificate from a university
  • 2 completed visa application forms
  • 2 passport photos

Process duration: Processing often takes 2-8 weeks.

Validity of the visa: The visa for the application is only valid for 3 months. Therefore, you should apply as soon as possible in order to be accepted for a programme!

However, you can extend this visa for up to 6 months. This time should almost always be sufficient for an application to study.

Continue with step 3

After a successful application, you will receive your visa a few days or a few weeks later in order to be able to come to Germany. Once you have arrived in Germany, you will have to fill out some documents and register with a health insurance company. Of course you also need an apartment or a room.

With a valid tenancy agreement, a confirmation of your accommodation and health insurance, you can take the next important steps:

Step 3

Step 3: Conversion of the visa into a residence permit (at your place of residence in Germany)

Because your visa is limited in validity, you will need to convert your visa into a residence permit.

More advice you can find in our checklist: Checklist (after arrival in Germany)

In this article you will find a comprehensive checklist for your stay in Germany. Use it! This will help you to organize your first days in Germany and avoid a lot of stress.

Your main contact point is the German Embassy in your home country. There you will find out about the applicable regulations for your preparation for studying in Germany.

CampusHQ does not sell any services to students, but our information can be used for free. Despite extensive research, we do not guarantee completeness and correctness.

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