Application process for an internship visa in Germany

An internship in Germany is a big step towards a career. Sometimes it is even the first practical step. But the preparation for this internship is all the more exciting. It costs time, nerves and sometimes sleepless nights.

To reduce the unhealthy consequences of stress, we provide a clear guide for aspiring interns.

The information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge in order to ensure that you have an orderly process.

This is a target group for the article:

  • Foreign students at a foreign university,
  • students during a guest semester in Germany,
  • Students interested in an internship abroad for a thesis in Germany,
  • participants in clinical training or
  • applicants for doctoral theses in companies.


Step 1

Step 1: Arrange an appointment with the German Embassy

For your internship visa, you will first need your employer’s confirmation and some additional documents. With these documents you must go to the German Embassy in your home country.

Make an appointment: To obtain a visa for the internship in Germany, you must submit your documents to the German Embassy.

Address: Addresses of the German Embassy in other countries

Duration: It can take up to 6 weeks until your appointment. However, usually you get an appointment much faster.

Step 2

Step 2: Preparing documents for the Embassy

Most of the time it is very easy to get a visa for an internship! The necessary documents are usually already available to you.

Necessary documents

You should definitely bring with you:

  • The Confirmation for your internship (e.g. employment contract)
  • 60 Euro or a comparable sum in your currency (USD, YEN, AUD, RUB, etc.)
  • Certificate of matriculation from your foreign university
  • Certificate of 4 completed semesters at the university
  • A valid identification document(ID, passport)
  • Eventually a proof of financing

If you will earn more than 720 Euro per month you don’t need to bring a proof of financing with you. Otherwise, you will need a proof of financing for your internship in Germany.

If you earn less or no money during your internship, you will need a proof of financing or another document. This document confirms that you have sufficient capital to finance your stay in Germany.

Duration: Processing often takes 2-8 weeks.

Acceleration of the process: Submit all documents to your employer in their original form. Ask your university or college for a copy of this in duplicate. If your employer (sending to ZAV*) and you (sending to the German Embassy) submit the documents, double confirmation may speed up the process!

Your most important contacts are your employer in Germany and the German Embassy in your home country . There you will be informed about the current regulations for your preparation for an internship in Germany.

Regularly, you don’t have to pay for any special services provided by any third parties!

* The ZAV certificate is applied for by your future employer. Usually, you don’t need to worry about ZAV.

Despite extensive research, we do not take any responsibility for correctness.


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