The Application for Studying in Germany

Application process


Guide: Application

Finding a Study Programme
Prepare your Application
Apply to your Studies

Arrival to your Studies

Visa Organization
Prepare your Arrival
Arrive Successfully

Begin your Studies!

Goal: Enrollment
Support: Important Steps

Guidance: Application for studies in Germany

Germany's universities are excellent and the studies offer a very high level of excellence. So you've made your decision? This guide is made for one purpose: Helping you to find and apply for your studies in Germany! Read this guide as a step-by-step instruction.
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Your Schedule:
Plan your application!

Many students find themselves faced with the problem of organizing their application to study in Germany. Rarely is information presented...
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Check admission requirements to study in Germany

You know what you want to study. Then you have to check the requirements to see if you can be admitted to study in Germany.
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