Enrollment and Registration

Your successful arrival in Germany

Going abroad to study takes a lot of preparation. After all, you are planning to live in a new place for a long time and will make it your home for your studies. To ensure that the planning runs smoothly, the guide should help you with your arrival, registration and enrollment.

Summary for your own organization

This guide is ideal for a step-by-step registration procedure in Germany.


Checklist: Registration and matriculation in Germany

Your step-by-step list for matriculation at a German university The focus of this guide is on foreign students who came...
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In this guide you will learn more about mastering your first steps in Germany.


  • I. Register your address
  • II. Financial Organization:
    * Health Insurance
    * Bank Account
  • III. Enrollment
  • IV. Foreigners Authority

With these step-by-step guidelines you should have a much easier start to your studies.

Checklist for your (official) registration in Germany

Finding an apartment

Advice for students: How to find a flat in Germany

The first step in enrolling for your studies is to register your address in Germany. This is the most extensive...
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How to find an apartment in Germany

As a foreign student, finding a place to stay is a little out of the ordinary.

One has to know which vocabulary is the right one when looking for an apartment. Knowing how to do the right things, it will be quite easy to find an apartment in Germany!

How to find an apartment in Germany

Register your bank account

German bank account for foreign students and professionals

Do I need a German bank account? How expensive is a German bank account? How do I apply for a...
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Free of Charge: Find a Bank Account

A bank account in Germany simplifies many things for you, because you can keep all your expenses under your control easily and conveniently.

Indeed, it is not too easy for students to get a free account.

How to: Open your free bank account in Germany

Register for your Health Insurance

Health insurance for foreign students in Germany

A valid health insurance is required for studying in Germany. In this article you will find out what types of...
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How to: Find and apply for a health insurance plan

If you want to study in Germany, you must have proof of a health insurance coverage. Most students choose a statutory health insurance for several simple reasons.

How to: Register for a health insurance

A medical insurance in Germany makes it easier to visit the doctor and ensures that treatments are carried out at the very high standard.

Students can get a health insurance very cheaply in Germany.

Many foreign students are afraid of applying to study in Germany because of the stress and planning effort involved. No wonder, then, that students often feel overwhelmed by their decision to go abroad.

But this manual is supposed to make a difference! It is designed to make your planning much easier if you follow this guide. Thus, there is nothing standing in the way for the official registration in Germany.

Arrival in Germany

Enrollment and Registration
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