Blocked account and proof of financing for foreign students

If you are applying for a visa, you will often need proof of funding for your stay in Germany.

Following step 7 of our To-Do list for foreign students, you will also need proof of funding in order to show that you can afford your stay in Germany.

Proof of financing for your stay in Germany

Why do I need a proof of financing?

Studying in Germany is very inexpensive, but you have to provide proof that you can afford the stay for your studies. This is important to protect you from overestimating the cost of a stay in Germany.

How do I get a proof of financing?

There are different ways of demonstrating financial resources:

  • With capital: proof of sufficient capital (blocking account)
  • With your parents’ assets: Your parents sign a guarantee
  • By scholarship: Proof of successful application for a scholarship to study in Germany

Many foreign students use a blocked account to prove that they can finance their stay in Germany. The blocked account must have a minimum balance.

What is a blocked account

A blocked account contains the money you have already deposited. In contrast to a normal account, you can only withdraw a limited amount from a blocked account every month.

How much do I have to deposit?

At present, the amount required to prove the possibility of financing the study is 720 euros per month. This means that at least 8640 euros must be paid into the blocked account if a one year stay is planned (as of January 2017).

That’s if you don’t get a scholarship. For example, if you receive a monthly scholarship of 400 euros, your blocked account only needs to hold 320 euros for each month (for example: 12 x 320=3840 euros).

How does a blocked account work?

A blocked account is an account for which one of the following two principles is typically applied:

a) Withdrawal of money up to a certain date is not possible.
b) Only a part (e. g. twelfth) of the total amount may be paid out monthly.

The principle ensures that you spend your money correctly. It also serves as proof of sufficient financial resources for your stay in Germany.

If you open a blocked account in your home country, the money will only be available when you enter Germany. You can only receive 1/12 of this amount per month.

If you need more money, it’s usually no problem. However, then there must be more money on the account than you need for the proof of financing.

At which bank do I get a blocked account?

You can set up a blocked account with many banks. It is common practice to set up a blocked account with Deutsche Bank. The German Embassy will be able to help you.

Registration for a blocked account (e. g. Deutsche Bank)

Step 1: Fill in the necessary documents

Zur Anmeldung eines Sperrkonto brauchst du erst die Unterlagen der Bank. Wenn du ein Konto bei der Deutschen Bank eröffnen willst, findest du die . Die Unterlagen sind auf Deutsch und Englisch verfügbar. Fülle den Antrag am Computer aus und drucke in zwei Mal aus.

To register a blocked account, you first need the bank’s documents. If you want to open an account at Deutsche Bank, you will find the documents here (external link). The documents are available in German and English. Fill in the application form on the computer and print it out twice.

Step 2: Arrange an appointment at the German Embassy in your home country

Make an appointment with the German Embassy (external) in your home country. Sign the application for your blocked account only in the presence of an official of the Embassy.

Please bring the invitation or admission of your university and a valid passport to this date. You also need proof of the possibility to finance your studies. This can initially take the form of account statements. Also bring a prepared envelope for sending the application to Germany.

The application will be sent by the German Embassy to the address specified in the documents.

Step 3: Depositing money into the blocked account

As soon as the account is opened, you can pay the necessary amount into the blocked account. Payment of the necessary amount to your blocked account is a prerequisite for a residence permit in Germany.

Advice: Gather information on sending money abroad in a timely manner.

Take care of the bank’s fees! The cost of cross-border transactions can vary widely between different banks.

Step 4: Open an account in Germany

If you have arrived in Germany and also received a confirmation of registration from the Registration Office (Bürgerbüro), you can go to the closest Deutsche Bank and apply for a service agreement in order to use your account.

You can have the money paid out monthly. You can also open an account with another bank if you wish.

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