Checklist: Registration and matriculation in Germany

Your step-by-step list for matriculation at a German university

The focus of this guide is on foreign students who came to Germany a few days ago and are new to this country. They usually don’t know anything about registration and are often left alone, at least in the first few days.

This guide should help you with your first steps in Germany!

I. Register your apartment

Step 1: Get an accommodation!
 Find an apartment in Germany and organize the registration process:

Register your accommodation

Step 2: Official registration
Register your address in Germany:

Register address with public authorities

Your German address is an important prerequisite for being able to carry out the other steps.

II. Bank account and health insurance

Step 3: Register a bank account
To pay bills, you need a cheap bank account! Find out how to get an account here:

How-To: Register a bank account

Step 4: Health insurance
– You can’t study without health insurance. Sign up simply!

Health insurance: How to register!

III. Registration for studies (immatriculation)

Step 5: Enrollment
Now you are (almost) ready to study in Germany. You can now register at the university!

Matriculation at your university
Registration at the university: student card, user account and library

Residence permit

Attention: For non-EU nationals

Registration at the local Foreigners Authority Office

IV: Successful start!


Ready: You are ready to start your student life now!
Once you have completed all the legal steps, you can start your student life!

The best way to get started in university life is by participating in the university program…

Get to know the university!

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Start to your Studies!

How-To: Enrollment

Before Departure

Prepare your Journey
Planning your Arrival
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