What fees do I have to pay for a visa?

Cost of visa

All types of visas cost 60 Euro handling fee. This fee is to be paid at the time of application.

However, there are many exceptions and sometimes the handling is free of charge. In addition, there are discounts for many people.

Visa application processing free of charge:

For some people, visa applications are processed free of charge. These include….

  • close family members and life partners of citizens of EU countries
  • public scholarship recipients
  • Researchers from third countries
  • and others, see link below.

Reductions for visa application processing:

For persons from countries with visa simplification agreements there are reduced application and processing fees. These include, for example,…

  • Nationals of the countries Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
  • various individual cases (social commitment, cooperation, etc.) – rather rare among students

More information can be found here:
Fees for the visa process (external PDF)

[Last Update: Mai 2017]

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