Data Protection:
Data backup for your trip abroad

There has been a very important trend since the 21st century: backups! It is a good advice to carry all important documents in scanned form on your laptop and/or on a USB stick before you start your long journey.

How to back up your data for travel

We even recommend that you have a separate USB stick for all your important data. On the first USB flash drive you should save the really important data for your personal organization and your success abroad. This stick should be kept in a safe place whenever possible. On a second USB stick you can back up all the data that accumulate in everyday life.

Secure your most important documents on the first stick and avoid carrying this stick with you.

USB flash stick #1: for “personal” data

The following files should be saved on the first USB stick:

* Do not copy your data to a second stick, protect your data from misuse in case of loss or theft!

  • Documents for study*:
    • Admission letter from the university
    • Copy of your entry documents
    • Copy of your passport
    • Copy of your passport
    • For students: Former certificates and diplomas
    • Last school leaving certificate (original language)
    • Last school leaving certificate (translation)
    • A recent passport photo (if digital available)
  • Other documents
    • Important notes
    • Documents from authorities
    • Contracts
    • Invoices

On the first stick you should install a good email client, for example

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Keep this USB flash stick in a safe place. This can save you a lot of trouble.

USB flash stick #2: for “daily” use

On the second USB stick you can make a copy of all other data.

  • Appointments: Secure your overview of all appointments
    • Appointments for viewing the apartments (if available)
    • other appointments
  • Contacts: ALL Contacts
    • Contacts for flat hunting in Germany (if available)
    • Contact to the university, e. g. secretariat and service
    • Overview about all emergency numbers in Deutschland
  • Data: Important results of important work
    • Papers, research, bibliographies of sources
    • Current study material

You can also store portable software on the second stick, for example:

  • Google Chrome or Firefox: For your best internet browsing experience
  • FreeFileSync: Keeps your data up to date between your PC and your USB flash stick

With this combination of software, you always have access to your most important accounts, even if you are on a foreign computer.

With these two USB sticks you should be prepared for all difficulties. When you are ready and have planned your trip, hold all the documents in your hand and will probably start a long journey in the next few days, you may have thought of everything.


Please do not forget to make regular backup copies during your studies! The success of your studies may depend on it!

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