Expatriates: Staying in Germany after your studies

Students who complete their studies in Germany will find good conditions for starting their own careers. Foreign graduates also have a good chance of gaining a permanent position with international companies!


Equal rights in Germany:
Social freedom across many levels

Frau weiß, was Frau wünscht!
There is absolutely no reason why the idea of female identity in Germany should not return to the 1950s. That is a good thing!
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Encouragement of female entrepreneurs in Germany

In Germany, women at all levels are encouraged to strengthen their self-image and create a strong entrepreneurial culture. This article...
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To give you some helpful advice, we provide an overview on this page to help you find a job.

For Graduates: Job Hunting after Graduation

Here you will find information for your job search after your studies!

Guide: Hints for finding a job as foreign graduate

Guide: Finding a great job in Germany

Inspiration is awesome. It inspires you to new ideas. Maybe this article will provide you with valuable tips for your...
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In this guide you will learn how to make your search for a job more efficient in order to find your future job.

Checklist: Job Hunting

  • I. Classic and lesser-known strategies
  • II. Are spontaneous applications worth it?
  • III. Tips for regional job search

With these tips you will know how to find a job as soon as possible after graduation.

Visa and Permit: Your stay after successful graduation in Germany

Visa for job search after graduating in Germany

The good news is that those who have studied in Germany will benefit from easier conditions when looking for a...
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How long can foreign students stay in Germany?

Do you want to stay here after your studies in Germany?

There are special rights for foreign students who have completed their studies in Germany. Those who have studied at a German university can stay longer to find a job as a specialist!

Basic Facts: Working as a foreign student in Germany

Working in Germany as a foreign student

With a certain amount of commitment, it is possible to find a part-time job in Germany - also as a...
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Working as student in Germany

Many students do not receive any valuable information from their friends and fellow students when it comes to working as a student.

  • Can I work in Germany as a foreign student?
  • How long can I work?
  • Where do I have to register?

We have some information for you here.

Career opportunities after graduation in Germany

Insider tip

For an ideal start to a career in Germany, language proficiency is an enormous advantage. Then the company knows that you are not only motivated, but also highly disciplined, interested and keen in pursuing long-term perspectives.

German companies are very keen on looking for foreign students who have graduated in Germany. Many companies are in regular contact with foreign customers, which can often only be acquired through country-specific sales and marketing activities. But supplier relationships can be even more important. Communication must run smoothly in order to maintain a secure supply chain.

Many German companies have offices abroad for which experienced graduates are regularly sought. It is important to fill key positions with the necessary key competences. Especially abroad, knowledge of the specific country, combined with a German university degree, is an important building block for a career advantage!

Arrival in Germany

Enrollment and Registration
Support: Important Steps

Gain Experience



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