FAQ: Studying in Germany as International Student

Congratulations, you’ve come a long way! You are in the process of learning more about your studies and want to make a choice for Germany.

Content: How do I get a place to study in Germany? How do I organize my first steps and what do I have to consider? We help you to fulfill your wish to study.

In this FAQ you will find many general questions about your country of choice, your possibilities and your organizational plans.


Why should I study abroad?
Why should I study in Germany?
Where should I go to Germany?
How much does it cost to study in Germany?


Is it possible to study in Germany without knowledge of German?
Are there many prospects after graduating in Germany?
Are there any instructions for enrolling me in a course of study in Germany?
How does starting a multinational career work?

Internship and part-time jobs

Is there any advice for me to get an internship in Germany?
What possibilities are there to finance my stay in Germany?
Is it allowed to work in Germany during my studies?

Travel and Arrival

What preparations do I need for my trip to Germany?
How do I plan the first days in Germany?
How do I get in touch with people in Germany?
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