Global students:
An internship abroad

Going abroad and starting a career there is a big challenge. Going abroad for an internship, on the other hand, provides a simple introduction without obligations, which many international students have already found to be an easy way to get started.

But perhaps the most important tool of generation Y is: learning to see issues with the eyes of others.

Why should you do an internship abroad? The idea is simple: you go abroad, gain experience and come back to work on difficult tasks. The experience gained abroad should help to solve problems and prepare you for your career.

To get a job that you applied for, an excellent degree alone is no longer sufficient sometimes. Better chances are opened up to you if you practice before starting a serious career. In this article you will certainly find some key arguments for yourself.

The global career: Starting off with an internship abroad?

A career with adventures

An internship abroad is a unique opportunity! During your studies you are independent and free to gain experience.

This way, you will not only be able to deepen your specialist knowledge during your studies, but also get to know a wide variety of different methods. You will not only gain an insight into the actual professional world, but may also facilitate your entry into a career. Companies with an international approach to human resources are enthusiastic when applicants can demonstrate a longer stay abroad in their CV.

If you have experience abroad, you will multiply the number of possible career paths by a great factor! As an intern you get to know a new company and can show your best skills. But even if a career in a particular company doesn’t work out: The great experiences and the challenges you have mastered will help you with your future career.

Discover new approaches and overcome hurdles

If you are doing an internship abroad, you will work with several major challenges at the same time:

  • A different culture with an exciting new professional world,
  • new relationships and
  • new customers!

This results in synergies that foster self-confidence and lead to a complex understanding of new situations. Experiences gained from this collaboration foster and prepare for upcoming hurdles in an international career.

Show interest and continuity

An internship abroad is still not a prerequisite for employment, but experience can be very valuable. Those who have successfully achieved this goal are regarded by HR managers as having gained personal and professional strength. They assume that your personal horizon is broadened by interaction with foreign cultures. It also shows them that you are able to organize yourself excellently. You have acquired skills that are essential for working in an internationally operating company.

It’s even better if you did your internship there, of course. In this case, it is usually completely irrelevant for the HR manager whether or not your internship abroad is an internship with relevancy to the particular position. It is important for the HR decision-makers that you have already gained an insight into the work culture of their company. They also assume that you know exactly where you want to go in the long term and that you have the necessary determination to develop your career.

Great advantage: you know how to influence results!

A particular advantage of an internship in a related discipline is working at the intersection with other areas. If you visit a department at the other end of your workflow during your internship, you get to know how your output is integrated into the final product.

In other words: as an intern, you not only have the advantage of knowing the tasks of your colleagues, but you also learn to recognize their greatest bottlenecks and time robbers. Once this knowledge has been internalized, it is very easy to understand what contribution you can make to the company.

Why is a placement abroad such a great deal?

Companies are becoming more and more international. Not only large companies are working across borders nowadays. This has also been common practice for a long time in small and medium-sized enterprises. Correspondingly, companies are always looking for specialists with international expertise. An internship abroad teaches you exactly these crucial aspects.

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