Guidance: Application for studies in Germany

Germany’s universities are excellent and the studies offer a very high level of excellence. So you’ve made your decision? We will be happy to help you.

Summary: This guide is aimed at foreign readers who wish to study in Germany. The guide accompanies the reader through several stages of planning and admission to study in Germany.

The number of possible career paths is enormous – and the range of study opportunities in Germany is therefore accordingly large. This guide is designed to help you plan your studies so that you can prepare yourself well and help you make the right decisions.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here you learn some basics. While the world cannot be scheduled, it is still beneficial to know certain things. You should start here if you don’t have a definite plan.

Maybe you just finished school and are thinking about whether studying in Germany is possible for you. Then you should read on and use these instructions to find out more. This guide for international students will help you clarify some common questions about your future career planning and provide you with valuable knowledge about your opportunities.

For international students: The costs of studying abroad in Germany
Step 1: Be focused and know your strengths
Step 2: Finding a study programme
Step 3: Qualifications: Am I allowed to study in Germany as a foreigner?
Step 4: Choosing your course language – You have a (free) choice
Step 5: Application for studies in Germany - Here we go!

Next Steps: What’s the next step?

Preparing for your trip: Next Steps

Now you’re almost done. We can only give you a few practical tips to make your stay more enjoyable. We recommend you to read some articles in the category Travel preparations in order to prepare for studying abroad in Germany.

Once you have arrived in Germany, we recommend our article First Steps in Germany. There you will get an overview of important steps to enrolling to your studies. We wish you a great start into your new phase of life!

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Guide: Application

Finding a Study Programme
Prepare your Application
Apply to your Studies

Arrival to your Studies

Visa Organization
Prepare your Arrival
Arrive Successfully

Begin your Studies!

Goal: Enrollment
Support: Important Steps
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