Guide: Finding a great job in Germany

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Finding a job as a foreign student in Germany

Two typical ways to find a great job:

I) The “standard”method

How do I find a job in Germany?

A simple tip is to look at the list of DAX, MDAX and TecDAX companies and apply to one of them.

Many applicants search and find their employers via platforms. Unfortunately: The competition is very high! Often, a large number of application attempts are necessary before an interview can be offered.

Another possibility is to search through major newspapers and job add portals on the Internet. You will often find a very good job there.

However, the big disadvantage of these platforms and newspapers is that there is a very high demand for certain job offers and a very large number of graduates apply for the respective job. But even large companies cannot hire all applicants!

This is particularly disadvantageous for foreign graduates.

II) Regional search (individual advice)

We recommend searching for job advertisements in local newspapers, but special search engines can also be very helpful for visitors. For small companies it is often better to advertise on regional platforms, because the many job advertisements of large companies on larger platforms destroy the efforts of many small companies.

Good search engines for job opportunities are kimeta. de and localjob. de.

If you’re looking for a job where you don’t have to outdo dozens of competitors, you’re in a much better position on regional job add platforms! Therefore, we can recommend to use the regional search intensively! There are many reasons for a regional search:

Benefits of regionally focused job hunting:

  • Competition among applicants is less concentrated
  • You can design your application individually
  • Employers are simply interested in matching applicants, not perfect applicants

Many medium-sized companies in Germany are market leaders within a small sector. Especially in the area of business customer sales, their names are well known to experts, whereas applicants from abroad rarely know them.

In order to remain the market leader, some of these companies depend on international applicants. International applicants often bring valuable knowledge about the customer’s culture along with them – which is a very valuable advantage in the everyday life of a company!

Bonus tip: Search for international companies in rural areas

A few insider tips for local job searches on the Internet

  • Look especially for opportunities in cities with 100,000 to 300,000 inhabitants.
    The smaller the city, the less attention it receives from graduates.
  • Accept a distance of 50 km around your desired location.
    Many companies and their suppliers are not located directly in a big city. For logistical reasons, it is often cheaper for companies to locate near centres of long-distance traffic. This is why top companies are often not where you would expect them to be.
  • Order your search results by date, not by popularity.
    Many search engines rank results by popularity (search engines know why). This is not helpful for you, because you just want to be effective. Why compete with a very large number of competitors? Order your search results by date! That’s what’s most helpful.

This way you increase your chances

The easiest way to find a job is to be directly recommended for a position, due to having the necessary talent. But so much fortune doesn’t just happen on its own. Especially not in a foreign country.

It is recommended to take the initiative and apply for the right positions. What really matters here is the level of involvement, rather than pure luck.

Proactive ways to achieve an excellent position

  • Write applications for advertised positions
  • Send spontaneous applications for unsolicited job offers
  • Inform yourself in your circle of friends about contacts and establish a contact at an early stage.
  • Ask former employers for an assessment of your performance
    Your former employers are obliged to issue you a reference. Ask your former employers to issue a work certificate that highlights your strengths and achievements. If you have worked for clients, ask them for a letter of recommendation.

If you have a sound recommendation from your previous employers, you can make a positive impression. Please attach the recommendation to your application.

Application basics

A really good advice can be to write an unsolicited application. You should state your skills, references and interests. On the basis of your application, you may be considered the right person to fill a vacancy.

If you apply for a position that is advertised, you should highlight your previous experience and build a link to this position. Argue that you have already worked in this area or why you are very interested in the position. You should also explain why you are suitable for this vacant position.

It is also a good idea to have a XING or LinkedIn account and to maintain it regularly. There you can also describe in detail the matters for which your application does not have enough space or you believe that the application will not reflect you completely. This way you show yourself more effectively as an individual person and also successfully display more of your other strengths.

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