How to find a part time job as a foreign student

How do I find a part-time job as a student?

You are fresh at university and looking for a part-time job, but don’t know how to get one? Then read this article, step by step you will be told how to get offers, how to get in touch with your employer and what the interview looks like.

Step 1: Find offers

It is possible, of course, that you have no luck and that you will not get far in your search for local or regional companies. Then you can get help at the following centers.

Very simple:

Jobcenter: Students Department
Bulletin board at the university

Ask your friends!
Career Center of your university

Step 2: Contact the company

The next step is where you get your offers. First of all, you might want to know how you can apply for a part-time job:

a) Go directly

Imagine you are in your neighborhood or in the city and somewhere in front of a bar or shop you see a sign saying that a temporary helper on 450 Euro basis is being sought. Do you think it makes sense to go ahead and later, if available, to look at the homepage to see what it is all about? More like less.

If you go there spontaneously, you have less time to hesitate, you know more quickly what your chances are and if you act confidently, this surely makes an additional impression. This is the fastest way to apply.

b) Online application/application by email

An online application or also an application by email makes sense if it is indicated in the job offer, or rather desired. The difference between the two types is that in the case of an online application, the application form is usually available on the homepage and is sent via this channel. By email, that’s what it’s all about. The advantage is that you have applied quickly and less effort is needed.

c) Application via phone call

If possible, call them. That’s almost as good as going straight to it. This way you can establish a first contact and make an appointment for everything else.

d) Written Application

A written application (by post) for a part-time job does not necessarily make sense. Except of course, it’s what the employer wants. It is also possible that you may have to bring some application documents with you into a job interview. Applying for a job in writing doesn’t seem to be very proactive if you can call or visit the company in person. Otherwise, it is an alternative to the digital application process.

Many different ways: Showing initiative and meeting a person or calling her, usually works best. Especially if you see a sign saying “temp wanted” somewhere. If not otherwise requested, you should try it with a meeting or call as soon as possible.

Step 3: Prepare and conduct an interview

If you want to introduce yourself and apply for a job, it makes sense to ask in the (e. g.) shop, what it’s all about and ask who you need to contact and where you can find this person. The time of the day you introduce yourself doesn’t matter, of course it makes more sense to go to a bar later in the afternoon instead of in the morning. However, there is no corresponding “Knigge”.

Once you’ve made it and are invited to an interview, you’ll receive the date and time from the employer. At the opening of the interview, you will not be taking the initiative, the potential employer will start asking you questions. Afterwards you can ask your own questions. Well… you might think about these questions out first.
Certain questions can be important:

  • When do you have to work?
  • How many hours per week are you allowed to work?
  • How much do you earn gross?
  • Possibly: Can you extend the employment contract?
  • Maybe: Do you need work clothes?

Other important questions could be:

  • What happens in case of illness?
  • Is it a problem if you can’t work on certain days?
  • How to apply for a vacation?

All questions, that you can or should ask. Also, you should answer any other questions that come to your mind about the job. You personally should also know beforehand to what degree you are able to cope with the job.

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