Capoeira on the campus: fitness, fun and friends

You are sporty and want to make new acquaintances? Then you bring along an important prerequisite. Because sports makes you happy and helps you finding new friends.

Stay fit and have fun with Capoeira

What is Capoeira?

Why don’t you try Capoeira? This is a martial art invented by Brazilian slaves. Certainly you know the one or other movie scene in which two contestants within a circle, the so-called Roda, fight out acrobatic duels. With a cartwheel, the fighters move into the middle, while the other spectators use musical instruments to set the rhythm to which their movements are aligned.

Such a duel lasts at most one minute. It doesn’t sound very long for the first time, but after you’ve taken part in a capoeira duel, you’ll be pretty out of breath.

How to train?

This martial arts requires good body control, endurance and muscle power. This is not surprising when you consider that the athletes only have ground contact with their feet, hands and head. The movements of experienced Capoeia fighters always look so light-footed and smooth. With some training you will quickly acquire the ginga. Ginga describes a springy basic step of the fight, which forms the basis of the sport. You pull both legs back and forth alternately. When you have mastered the leg movements, you can concentrate on your arms and upper body.

The Capoeira is based on the alternation of attack and evasion. Blocking your opponent’s attack is forbidden. Instead, he has to be deceived. The Brazilian slaves named this maneuver Malicia. In the end, the winner is the one whose Malicia looked the most elegant. The winner will be chosen by Capoeia fighters after a subjective decision. Depending on your level of performance, you may wear different colored belts. Maybe you know this Judo or Taekwondo procedure. There are two different types of capoeira. With Capoeira Angola the movements are somewhat slower. Nevertheless, you’ll sweat a lot because the fight is very close to the ground. The more modern Capoeira Regional also incorporates other martial arts. Just try out which style gives you more pleasure.

Fun, joy and self-confidence are in the focus of interest

Basically, it’s not about making the movements perfect. The sport has no fixed rules. These are determined solely by the participants. With the exception of one condition: A Capoeira fight happens without any physical contact. The aim is not to hurt the opponent, but to have fun in the community.

Although it is a martial art, it is more like a game in which a sense of community is created. The name Capoeira is derived from a small bird, which carries off its competitors with temperamental dances. From this point of view, the fight is seen from a completely different perspective.

Ginga means joy of life and meets the intention of the sport exactly. The focus is on dance, the expression of his feelings with movement and, of course, the community. The music will drive your worries away, the gossip of Roda will carry you away. After a short time you will lose your shyness, even if you don’t know anyone from the group.

Maybe you even dare to go straight into the middle of the circle, driven by the euphoria. In any case, you will gain recognition and self-confidence, no matter whether you step out of Roda as a loser or winner. Keep in mind that the Capoeira is not intended to demonstrate its strength, but that the fight is like dancing, with strong focus on playing a fight. You have to adapt your movements to those of your opponent and respond to him so that your dance looks harmonious. In particular, you must also follow the rhythm of the instruments.

Especially as a beginner it is easy to make contacts. Ask someone to teach you the ginga or compliment a talented athlete. You will like the familiar atmosphere and besides, you will keep your body fit.


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