Part-Time Jobs for foreign students in Germany

Students from other countries may of course also work part-time to earn money for studying in Germany. Rarely parents can finance more than 2 semesters, so that students usually have to pay for their studies themselves.

Overview: Funding your stay on your own

In this section, we provide you with an overview to help you find a job and give you some helpful advice.

This overview shows you some chances to make your stay in Germany a success.

Financing your studies in Germany – with part-time jobs

How to find a part time job as a foreign student

How do I find a part-time job as a student? You are fresh at university and looking for a part-time...
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In this guide you will learn how to organize the start of your studies in Germany.


  • I. How do I find a part-time job?
  • II. How to apply for a part-time job?
  • III. How to prepare for the job interview?
  • IV. Which questions should I ask during the interview?

Hopefully you will be able to quickly find a part-time job for your studies in Germany with this guidance.

Ideas: 23 simple jobs for foreign students

23 ideas for simple part-time jobs for students

In most cases, there is plenty of time to earn money besides the studies. Because it is often asked which...
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What special chances are there for foreign students?

Finding a job in a foreign country is a completely unusual situation!

You have to know which part-time jobs are typical for students. Depending on where you grew up, some of these jobs may seem very new to you. To make things easier, this article contains over 20 ideas for you to find a part-time job.

Basic Facts: Working as a foreign student in Germany

Working in Germany as a foreign student

With a certain amount of commitment, it is possible to find a part-time job in Germany - also as a...
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Working as a foreign student in Germany

Many students do not receive any valuable information from their friends and fellow students when it comes to working as a student.

  • Can I work in Germany as a foreign student?
  • How long can I work?
  • Where do I have to register?

We have some information for you here.

Register your health insurance

Health insurance for foreign students in Germany

A valid health insurance is required for studying in Germany. In this article you will find out what types of...
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Get a health insurance

If you want to study in Germany, you will need proof of health insurance. Most students choose a statutory health insurance for various reasons.

Having a health insurance in Germany makes it easier for you to visit your doctor and ensures that treatment is carried out with a very high standard of quality.

Students can get health insurance in Germany at a very reasonable price.

Many foreign students in Germany earn money with part-time jobs in the service and industry sectors. There are only a few foreign students who do not want to take up a part-time job in Germany during their studies.

That is why you will find good or very good conditions during your stay in Germany to finance your studies. Other foreign students show impressingly that funding your stay on your own is indeed possible!

Surely with the information on this page it is now much easier for you to find a part-time job for your studies. We wish you all the best for your job application in Germany!

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Part Time Jobs for Students
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