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Master’s degree from Germany:
Profiling for the international career

A Master's degree course in Germany opens many doors and prepares students for an international career. Here you will find...
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Bachelor’s Study in Germany:
Your Start to an International Career

Doing a Bachelor's degree in Germany is a great idea for young people, because the conditions are ideal to gain a new skills!
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Study internationally:
Why can I study in English in Germany?

It doesn't always have to be German. You can also study in English. Therefore, Germany is a real alternative for...
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Making Decisions

The Costs of Living:
Studying as foreign student in Germany

How much does it cost to study in Germany? Is it really free of charge to study in Germany? Here...
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Criteria for choosing a university in Germany

Making the perfect choice for the right university is not easy. Especially because the number of degree programmes is very...
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Equal rights in Germany:
Social freedom across many levels

Frau weiß, was Frau wünscht!
There is absolutely no reason why the idea of female identity in Germany should not return to the 1950s. That is a good thing!
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Encouragement of female entrepreneurs in Germany

In Germany, women at all levels are encouraged to strengthen their self-image and create a strong entrepreneurial culture. This article...
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