Organization: Your first days in Germany

Your first days in Germany can be very exciting. You have to plan a lot and know, what to do.

Maybe this overview will help you to get a little more information about your studies. In the best case you have already read this article before your arrival in Germany.

Purpose of this article: This article gives you a short overview of your organization of the first days in Germany.

How to find a room for the first nights in Germany

If you have probably arrived in Germany by train or plane after a long journey, it is now most important for you to know where you will spend your first night. If you are looking for a reasonably priced room, you can use one of the following options.

At best, you can reserve the room and inquire at the hotel’s website and contact the hotel to find out whether you can arrive at any time of the day.

If your semester starts in one month, a short term reservation of a room is usually sufficient. However, as most students arrive shortly before the beginning of their studies, it may be worthwhile to book a room 3 to 4 weeks before their arrival in Germany.

Offers from youth hostels
Information about offers from your university
Price comparison with help from
Find cheap accommodations at airbnb

Safety information for non-private sleeping places

In general, you can assume that most overnight stays are very safe and no items will be stolen. But it is also true that you should not provoke weak minds!

Use a safe

If you want to keep your valuables safe, there is probably no alternative to a safe that only you have the key for.

If you are thinking about staying in Germany for a long time and want to have a safe start, the small fee for a key can’t be wrong!

Carry your valuables with you

Wear your valuable items best with you! You should wear your money and ID card on your body. If possible, you should have your laptop in a backpack with you. Laptops don’t weigh much, but a loss can be very painful financially. Above all, the loss of your laptop can make it difficult to organize your next steps.

Pack your valuables and keep them together

Even if it sounds funny, don’t scatter your valuables all over a room! Try to keep order and keep track of everything. Before going to bed, you should reassemble your things and compress them into something a little bigger than your suitcase.

Store your valuables so that only you can get hold of your belongings quickly. Use a little lock on your suitcase, too.

Of course, if you have a hotel room just for yourself, you don’t have to carry a lot of luggage around with you.

Because you often sleep in group rooms at youth hostels, but also at airbnb with strangers in the house, you should always be a little cautious not to leave your valuables uncovered.

Tip: Read also our Data backup guide for your journey.

Organization of your stay

How to continue your journey?

Once you have rested from your journey, you can plan your successful start to study on the same day or the next day.

1. Do you have a contract to use a room by the Studentenwerk? .

If you already have a reservation, you should ask your landlord for an appointment to arrange an apartment transfer. The faster you enter your home, the less money you have to spend on an expensive hotel.

If you have to pay a deposit for your apartment, you can easily do it at a branch of a bank. For a handling fee of 5 to 10 euros you can easily transfer money to your landlord’s account to pay the first monthly rent or deposit.

As soon as you have transferred the necessary amount for the deposit, you should print out the transfer receipt and present it to the landlord as proof of payment.

2. Are you still looking for a room or an apartment in Germany?

If you haven’t found a suitable student room yet, we recommend a look at our article: How to find a room in Germany. In the article you will hopefully find some useful tips for your apartment search.

Please keep in mind that you will often need more than 5 visits to find a place or get a confirmation from the landlord. As soon as you have found an attractive opportunity, please do not hesitate to give the landlord the definite promise to the offer! If you don’t agree (quickly) to it, someone else will. (!!)

3. Register at your place of residence and pick up your student card.

If you have now found a room, it is worthwhile to read our Guidance for matriculation to the successful start in Germany. There you will find out more about finding accommodation, your application in Germany and your matriculation at the university.

Moving into an apartment has been the most difficult step to starting your studies successfully!

Start to your Studies!

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