Overview: Study in Germany

Overview of the free guide

In this article you will find a short overview of the most important milestones in the preparation for studying in Germany.

I. Plan your organization and your preparation for your studies

Phase 1: Plan your organization and your preparation for your studies
The studies in Germany usually begin in the winter semester. Therefore, most beginners choose the winter semester as the entry time for their studies. Advanced students often choose their entrance according to their own possibilities.

Key questions:

  • When should I start my studies?
  • When can first-year students begin their studies?

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Organization of your studies
Comprehensive overview of the study organization:

Checklist: Phase I – Do you have a plan for your application?

  • Do you know the perfect time to start your studies?
  • Do you know whether your studies begin in the winter semester or in the summer semester?

II. Prepare your documents

Phase 2: Which documents do I have to prepare for application and enrollment?
Preparing your documents can take a lot of time, because not all authorities are equally fast.

For a proper and successful application you have to prepare the documents well in advance.

Key questions:

  • How do I prepare for the application?
  • How do I increase my chances of gaining admission to university?

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Organization of your documents:

Checklist: Phase II – Do you have all the necessary documents?

  • Did you know that the requirements for application and enrollment differ from each other?
    When enrolling, you may need to have a higher degree of language proficiency than when applying.
  • Are your documents up to date? Is it your identity card or passport?
    Your passport should be valid for at least 3 months beyond your stay in Germany.

III. Application for studies in Germany

Phase 3: How do I apply to study in Germany?
The application process for studying is usually divided into several steps! To prepare for your studies, you should know beforehand which course of study you are interested in!

Of course, the prerequisites for studying in Germany must also be met. You can find out what these are on the following pages of this guide.

Key questions:

  • How do I test my personal capability for a technical subject?
  • How do I find a suitable course of study in Germany?
  • What are the professional requirements for studying in Germany?
  • What are the requirements for studying in German?
  • What are the requirements for studying in English?

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 Step by step towards a successful application to study in Germany:

Step 1 – Focus of your talents: Do you know your personal strengths?

Step 2 – Find your studies: How to find your desired programme at an university in Germany!

Step 3 – Requirements: How to find out, whether you are allowed to study in Germany…

Step 4 – Test of Language Proficiency: Find out if you meet the language requirements….

Step 5 – Application: How to apply for studying in Germany as a forgeigner

Checklist: Phase III – Apply for your studies and search for alternatives

  • Have you found at least three interesting courses of study that will inspire your enthusiasm?
    Apply for several courses of study! Studying is an important step. It is important to have alternatives.
  • Have you tried looking for your desired degree programme in English (as name, not language of the programme)?
    E.g. Chemical Engineering rather than Verfahrenstechnik?
  • Do you know that there are several ways to apply for a higher education?
    Keywords: Direct application, Uni-Assist und Hochschulstart
  • Did you get a rejection?
    First study in your home country! For a guest semester in Germany you can often bring along important prerequisites for your studies after 4 semesters of experience.

IV. Prepare your departure and arrival

Phase 4: How do I prepare for departure to Germany?
Early planning of your departure can be important. Depending on the country of origin, the preparation can even be decisive for your presence in Germany to be successful and hassle-free.

You can divide your departure preparations into several steps.

Key issues:

The German language

  • Find out more about Germany
  • Improve your knowledge of the German language

Personality and social life

  • Inform your friends and relatives about your departure
  • Accept that you will face new challenges


V. Your arrival in Germany

Phase 5: What are the First Steps in Germany?
After arriving in Germany, your studies can begin quite soon! Before doing this, you have to do some organizational things!

This organization can also be organized in several steps.

Key issues:

Instructions: Your first steps in Germany

Free Guide for international students: Your first steps in Germany

Organization (Content in our free guide)

  • Organize your apartment in Germany
  • Receive a confirmation from your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)
  • Register with the Citizens’ Office in your city
  • You probably need health insurance. Find a suitable health insurance!
  • You may want to have an account in Germany. Sign up for a free account!
  • Matriculation at the university
  • Create your timetable

Social life

  • Search your university for an event calendar
  • Meet new people

Language course

  • Find a reasonably priced language course in your city

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