23 ideas for simple part-time jobs for students

In most cases, there is plenty of time to earn money besides the studies. Because it is often asked which jobs are particularly suitable for students, here are a few examples.

Most students try to work more or less regularly. This is because parents can often only contribute a small proportion of the costs of studying. It is therefore important to find a job that ensures a regular income. Because you will rarely be able to earn enough money through casual jobs.

If there are no small, medium or large companies in your immediate vicinity, you can certainly apply up to 10 to 20 km outside the city. At many universities, students receive a tram and bus ticket, which they can also use in their spare time.

Depending on your language skills, you may not be suitable for every job.

Simple jobs in the service sector

Service jobs are usually simple jobs, but they require a good basic vocabulary of the German language.

Room service
Catering and waiter services
Fitness training and service
Temporary help in a bakery
Advertising and promotion
Delivery driver
Flight attendant as a student job
City or tourist guide

Simple jobs in the industry

Simple jobs in the industry are mostly jobs that can be done by people who do not have any previous studies or experience. There is a very high interest in such jobs, because many students whose skills cannot be marketed without a degree, hope to gain experience and knowledge in large companies in this way.

In this way, recommendations can also be used to change jobs over time within the same company in order to obtain the personally preferred part-time job. In some cases, such changes are only possible in well organized larger companies.

Wages are usually at the level of the minimum wage of 8.84 euros per hour[as at 2017].

Production assistant or logistics assistant
Parcel service or parcel sorter

Special jobs in industry

Those who can use their own talents often earn a lot of money and can often keep an employer for the entire stay in Germany and do not need to leave. Especially technical jobs are great to be considered as a part-time job!

If you work in a highly specialized job, you can usually demand higher hourly wages. Typically 10 to 14 Euro are possible, sometimes a little less.

CAD Designer
Coders and software developers
Tutor or student assistant

Jobs in private household

Household help
Music teacher

Occasional job opportunities

Here are some ideas for occasional activities. Most of the activities in this list are very irregular and do not represent an alternative when looking for a good source of income!

Harvest workers
Exhibition assistant or promotion
Test person

Jobs for the semester break

Did you know that foreign students are also given relaxed regulations for making money during the semester break? For example, you can often work longer hours and the maximum weekly working time is usually completely eliminated. This allows you to take up 40 hours of work per week, for example for a job, an internship or a “Werkstudenten”-job.

If you want a job during the semester break, you should apply at least two to three months before your desired start date.

Temporary full-time job for 3 months
Internship in Germany
Internship abroad

Arrival in Germany

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Part Time Jobs for Students
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