Phone numbers for emergencies in Germany

To be safeguarded for all circumstances – that is what every person wants.

Anyone who wants to get help for himself/herself or for others can certainly find assistance with one of the following numbers! Telephone numbers can also be dialed for prevention.

If you cannot help someone else in danger, you can always call one of the numbers and ask for help and advice.

For all emergencies throughout Europe, call 112!

For emergencies

Ambulance: 112

Examples: heart problems, collapse, respiratory distress, unconsciousness, stroke, burn, poisoning, serious accidents

Fire Brigade: 112

Examples: smoke, fire, gas alarm, personal rescue, burning, poisoning, serious accidents, animal rescue

Police: 110

Examples: criminal activities, theft, witness statements, serious traffic accidents

Doctor Emergency Service: 116 117

Example: Acute illness after 6 p. m. in the evening or on a holiday or weekend; personal reduced mobility.

Psychological counseling (psychology, family, anonymity)

Psyche and Spiritual Care: 0800 111 0 111

Examples: bullying of friends or colleagues, spiritual issues, loneliness, depression, addiction, bullying by family.

Children and Youth Phone: 0800 111 0 333

available from 14 to 20 o’ clock
Examples: Mental health problems, bullying at school, sexual abuse, discrimination

Pregnancy and Anonymity: 0800 40 40 020

Examples: Confidence problems, anonymous birth, protection of women, personal conflicts, family conflicts

Violence Against Women: 08000 116 016

Examples: Violence against women, sexual abuse, victim protection


Locking of credit cards: 116 116

Examples: blocking of VISA, Master and EC cards (Maestro), mobile phone SIM cards, online banking accounts

Advice and consultation of the German Federal Police : 0800 6 888 000

Examples: reporting vandalism, general security issues

Psychological counseling

kostenlose Beratung

Free psychic care by telephone

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