Required documents: Application for studying in Germany

To apply in Germany, you have to prepare some documents. Before applying, you should check whether all documents are available. This way you might save yourself a lot of time and effort in dealing with the paperwork.

Required documents for application

At least these documents are required for the application at a German university:

  • Your last school-leaving certificate in original language (as certified copy)
  • Your last school-leaving certificate – translated and certified copy, if required
  • Current photo
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of your language proficiency

Depending on whether you want to study in English or German in Germany, you will need to provide proof of either English or German language skills.

For example, you do not need to prove your German language skills if you have completed your school-leaving certificate at a German school in Germany or at a German school abroad.

Your school leaving certificate

Your school report must be in German or English. English language school diplomas are generally recognised without problems. So you can save a lot of money if the school can issue an certificate in English.

If your school diploma is only available in a different language, you will need a certified translation of your diploma.

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Acknowledgement of achievements in studies abroad

If you are already a student and are currently studying, you will need a current grade notification from your university. In this way, you can also facilitate the approval of your achievements in Germany.

If you would like to graduate with a German degree, you may be able to accelerate your studies by having your previous achievements acknowledged.

If you are already a student, you should also obtain an official description of the modules that you have already passed at your university from the secretariat of the university in your home country. With this description, the Examination Office at a Higher Education Institution in Germany can check whether your previous achievements can be accredited.

More information is available from the university where you going to study.

Required documents for enrollment

In order to enroll at an institution of higher education in Germany, you must also meet a number of criteria set by the authorities. An overview of the necessary steps in Germany can be found in the enrollment guide.

To enroll at a higher education institution in Germany, you need the following documents:


Please note: If you want to start your studies in German, you may need to have a higher level of language skills for enrollment than for application.

Find out about the language skills required for successful enrollment at the respective university or technical college.

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