Salsa for new students: experience life and make new contacts

When you think of salsa, you think of sunshine, fruity cocktails, nachos and somehow a little bit of holiday. Dancing unites – across languages and borders – also in everyday life. The Latin American salsa, which we associate with Cuban rhythms today, originally came from colonists in Europe. While in South America salsa is passed down from generation to generation in everyday life, we Central Europeans usually have to attend dance courses or salsa bars and lounges to turn around and become rhythmically entangled.

Getting started is done best with guidance

Of course, it can also be done completely without a salsa course. Salsa bars and lounges usually have highly motivated guests who accompany and guide newcomers on their first steps. However, to go it alone requires some courage and self-conquest. Not every beginner wants to be right in the middle of a crowded dance floor.

You can also do it step by step with instructions: So that the desire to learn to dance does not turn into frustration, a beginner’s course or an open dance lesson in a salsa bar is not so bad. There, the willing dancer is among like-minded people and learns step by step the basics of salsa. If the basic steps are done, visiting a salsa lounge is a lot easier and both couples and singles can work better on the freestyle.

By the way, many locations such as clubs and salsa bars offer free introductory courses at the beginning of an event.

Go for a ride – even without a permanent partner

It doesn’t always have to be a fixed course with a firm dance partner. Salsa is in and this has the advantage that in all major cities there is now at least one salsa bar. If you go there without a regular dance partner, it is usually easier to make new friends. Most of the time, the couples twist around each other to the rhythm of salsa.

Beginners’ courses are also worthwhile to get to know new people. The courses are filled up so that in the best case everyone can find a dance partner. So if you don’t have a dance partner yet, you can register for the course individually, hang a note on the notice board or just go and have a look who doesn’t have a permanent partner.

Empower your relationship to your partner

Not only singles can make new contacts with salsa dancing. Dance classes are often recommended for marriage and partner consultations. Simply, because mutual goals and experiences combine.  A weekly fixed appointment, which one spends as a couple together, can hardly hurt. Especially since most of your time to are very close to one another.

Make friends easily

In addition, couples can also make new contacts and perhaps not only dance together with the other course members, but also drink some cocktails. If the chemistry is right, long-term friendships can also develop. There is already one thing in common, namely salsa.

Even if it’s not enough for a dance career, it’s fun, you get to know new people and you make a good impression on your next holiday after a basic course.


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