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Time management

Many students find themselves faced with the problem of organizing their application to study in Germany.

Rarely is information presented in such a way that it can be understood effortlessly. Even more rarely, there is even a plan that accompanies the students throughout the entire application process.

Here is a solution: You can consider these instructions as your organizational guide for your study preparation.

The perfect agenda

With a plan, it’s always easier to organize an application. Fortunately, there is a lot of room for personal creativity and you have great degree of flexibility when planning your studies in Germany.

During the preparation phase, you must first know, that you can apply for the winter semester as well as for the summer semester. This gives you a lot of flexibility in planning and you can easily personalize your planning to suit your own circumstances.

You decide: Study in the winter or summer semester?

Question: Do you want to study in the winter semester or the summer semester?

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