Skiing with friends

No more boredom in winter! Maybe this article will inspire you to leave your place in the cold winter…

Skiing with friends – always a special experience

Are you still looking for a nice idea to enrich your sad student life with a varied holiday? You just want to go away with friends, have fun and be active again? Then it doesn’t always have to be a flight to distant, warm countries: A ski holiday or a short ski trip for a weekend is a great change from everyday life and doesn’t have to be so expensive! We will show you how to recharge your batteries with a ski holiday and bring variety into the grey of everyday life!

Skiing – that’s something you should experience!

And no, that doesn’t mean multiple fractures and broken joints. By the way, they are not as frequent as you might think at first glance. And even if you’ve never skied before: don’t worry, you can learn that quickly! The most important thing is: don’t overestimate yourself. Whether you’re new to skiing or have many years of experience, you should always know your limit. Then usually nothing happens.

Maybe you are thinking: Skiing holiday – it’s just cold and monotonous. But that’s not true at all: around skiing, nature and of course your destination and accommodation offer you many options to make your day versatile.

Skiing itself is of course great for the first time to really get your strength, especially after sitting at your desk for the whole semester. And when you rush downhill, it gives you a real adrenaline rush.

At the same time, you can design it exactly as you like it best. Would you rather enjoy some quiet days of companionship with your friends? Then you can also go hiking, sauna, go for a walk – and much, much more.

If you want more action, you can of course enjoy the après ski with friends – and party until late into the night. Whatever your mood, you can always find the right activity for you during your skiing holiday. The only thing you really must forego is the beach. But that’s a just little painful for a change, isn’t it?

Where to ski, when to ski?

For a short ski trip in Germany or from Germany, of course, there are the Alps – in certain ski resorts such as Sölden (Austria) snow is guaranteed from mid-November to May. But if this is a bit too far away, you can also – for example – choose the Harz. Of course, it is not as snow-sure as the Alps, and the season is relatively short: it lasts from about mid-December to the end of March. However, for example, the Wurmberg in the Harz Mountains can also be artificially snow-covered.

And last but not least: How much does the fun cost?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question – it all depends on what you have in mind for your holiday. Generally speaking, a holiday in the Alps is usually a little more expensive than in the Harz mountains. But if you drive with several friends and share a room, there are also affordable offers. In many ski regions there is also the possibility of renting holiday apartments. Especially when you travel with a group of friends, this is often an inexpensive option where you are relatively independent.

In the Harz Mountains you will find many hotels where you can stay overnight from about 50 Euro per night per room. For example, you can spend a weekend with two nights for two people for as little as 100 euros. Thanks to its central location in Germany, travel to the Harz Mountains is not too far away.

In addition to the actual travel costs, there are of course fees for renting ski equipment, if you don’t have your own, and the purchase of a ski pass. The best way to find out what the fees are in each location is to check them directly on the internet, as they can vary.

Also… Ski Heil!

So the conclusion: skiing is a nice option to get out of the daily routine, have fun with friends and also to do sports. And thankfully, sport is not only for the rich and beautiful – there are many possibilities to make a ski holiday affordable for a small student budget. Come on, let’s go!


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