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Why can I study in English in Germany?

It doesn’t always have to be German. You can also study in English. Therefore, Germany is a real alternative for international students as a place of choice for studying in English. Whether it’s because studying elsewhere is very expensive, whether it’s because you get the chance to study a desired subject or because you just want to develop your personality.

Advantage for Germany

Those who decide to study in Germany will benefit from many advantages:

  • Germany has a first-class international business network
    Germany’s economic performance is world-famous. As a top exporter, the German economy has a very high demand for specialists who speak English.
    This means that after graduation you will have a very diverse variety of companies to which you can apply.
  • The economy is continuously looking for graduates with different skills
    In order to meet the future demands of the economy, Germany relies on a high number of qualified graduates. Therefore, there are high demands on the quality of studies and access to higher education.
    The advantage for you is: You enjoy an education on a very high level of quality!
  • In Germany very many people can speak English
    One of the moments when a lot of foreigners wonder: Many Germans speak English! That’s why you will often find a lot of friends in Germany.

Why should I study in Germany?

Before studying, people often wonder where they might go. First of all, you are looking for interesting study programmes in your own region, and if things are not going quite as well, you just keep searching. Sometimes you’re ready to move far away from home. And sometimes you even go abroad. But those who want to go abroad are often limited by their own language. Therefore, it is preferable to search for countries in which your own language is at best your native language.

But one quickly loses sight of the fact that English is a world language and is therefore spoken all over the world – also at German universities. If you are looking for a suitable course of study, you often skip Germany and concentrate on the countries where English is spoken. For this reason, one is often restricted to one’s home country or nearby countries. Not only is there a high degree of dependence on this situation, but there is also less choice of study programmes to choose from. The possibility to study in Germany gives you a lot of freedom, because the number of opportunities increases enormously.

However, as universities also compete for good students and strive for a high degree of internationalization, it is only rational to offer courses of study in which English is the only important language. German students are even surprised that English is often a prerequisite for some Master’s programmes, although the Bachelor’s programme was in German. English is very important in Germany and very popular among students.

However, not only foreigners study in Germany in programmes that are often taught in English. Many Germans also attend a lecture from time to time in which only English is spoken. There are many reasons for this too. Sometimes an exciting lecture is only offered in English, thus you have to be ready to listen in English.

Students who want to study abroad after their studies are very well prepared for the future with a degree in English as the main course language. German students know this and therefore like to choose to study in English – at this point, they often keep in mind that they are actually going abroad after their studies.

Germany: The perfect alternative for studying in English

Many Europeans have a good reason to study in Germany: Those who have not passed an examination at home are usually no longer allowed to continue their studies. Exception: You decide to study abroad. Then, after all, domestic rules will no longer apply and the examination regulations can be circumvented. In Germany, many European students find a second chance in that way. Of course, this step is not easy, as it requires great self-confidence.

The second important reason for an English-speaking course of study in Germany is, of course, the language. Those who do not dare to study in German often decide to study in English. This has a special incentive: this approach enables you to study.

The best known reason for studying is probably due to the low tuition fees in Germany. Apart from the cost of living and the health insurance, there is often hardly anything to pay. Many universities charge fees of less than 300 euros per semester. This is a reason for many students to come to Germany.

Conclusion: Many reasons for studying in Germany

  • Worldwide career opportunities
  • Studying in Germany is affordable
  • There are many scholarships for students in Germany
  • German degrees are acknowledged worldwide
  • English is spoken by many people worldwide
  • The number of different study programmes is very large:
    That means: You have a very huge selection of choices!


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