Study programmes for foreign students in Germany

Step 2: Finding the right degree programme

You know what you want to focus on. You don’t know where you want to study.

You probably have some idea which direction you want to take. You will then also know which topics are especially fun for you.

Now you can ask yourself the following question: Which degree programme is best suited to my goals?

Now you can start a search based on your question.

How to find your desired study programme in Germany:

  1. Create a list of keywords and alternative names
  2. Go to the website Hochschulkompass and go to the advanced search
    Link to advanced search (external link)
  3. Type in the name of an interesting course of study

Choose your instructional language (e.g. German, English).

Note that it is often worthwhile to enter the course of study you are looking for in English:
Instead of “Ingenieurwesen” try “engineering”. Instead of Wirtschaft try Economics/Management/Administration.

Now you will receive a list of courses of study that might be suitable for you. Try more names!

Important criteria could be the following:

Important criteria when choosing a course of study can be the following:

  • What specialisation is possible with the study programme?
  • University, college or academy?
  • Costs of a room near the university
  • Furhter criteria can be found in our checklist: How to choose the right university

It is often said that studying is about trying things out, but it is sometimes frustrating to make a mistake first in order to find out that the mistake could have been avoided and that a good decision could have been made in the past.

Take your time to choose! A well-considered decision can save you a lot of effort. Even if you have found a very interesting course of study, look for 2-3 alternatives. Many universities have their own selection procedures! So assume that you can get a rejection.

After the second section, you should know the names of some similar courses of study that you might not have thought of at the beginning!

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