Tennis at the university

Tennis for students – always a good idea

Tennis is a great leisure activity, especially during your studies, which you can not only pursue on your own, but also with your friends and fellow students. Meanwhile, word has spread that sport of all kinds is extremely important, especially for students who do a great deal of mental work. Tennis is a good choice for you to balance your predominantly sitting activity and at the same time have fun in sports.

Why tennis is the perfect sport especially for students

Tennis motivates, inspires, strengthens the cardiovascular system and also the immune system. If you have a lot of common colds in the wintertime, tennis is a perfect sport to harden you up. Training also releases hormones that help you feel good and satisfied after the tennis match – even when you’re exhausted. Your head is free again and you can concentrate better on the learning tasks of your studies.

Tennis is a team sport that is relatively easy to learn even for beginners. In particular, sports muffels are always advised to engage in team sports by experts. This makes it easier for you to stay on the ball and maintain your motivation than it is for individual sports such as jogging or gym training. You can register for tennis directly with all your friends so that you can spend your free time together, which connects you far away from your studies.

Students who are new to the university and have not been able to establish closer contacts can also register for tennis. In this case you will quickly meet new people, make important contacts and build up friendships that will help you to progress in your studies.

What you should pay attention to as a beginner tennis player

If you don’t have any tennis experience, there are a few things you should consider. Beginners usually take a while to learn the complex movement sequences correctly. So don’t get discouraged right away, because that’s the way it is for all beginners. When you have practiced for a while, you can really “play” – that is, hit the ball several times over the net into the desired playing field. At the latest from then onwards you will enjoy playing tennis. You should refrain from teaching yourself how to play tennis in the do-it-yourself style. Experienced tennis instructors and trainers will help you get through the early stages of the game so that it doesn’t take you long to get started with your first match.

Tennis is becoming increasingly popular among students

All in all, tennis is a good opportunity to do sports during your studies. Together with your friends or fellow students, it will give you twice as much pleasure because you can put yourself to the test in matches. However, lone fighters are also well advised to play tennis as a sport, because such a team sport is perfect for training your team skills. This will also be a valuable help for future projects at university.


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