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The terms of use apply to www.campushq.de and its associated sub-sites.

1. General Terms and Conditions for Foreign Visitors

(i) The website CampusHQ.de (shortly CampusHQ) gives foreign visitors, who might want to study in Germany, an opportunity to obtain information about cultural aspects and contents related to their stay for private use.

(ii) There is no contractual relationship between the user and CampusHQ. If a user makes use of a third party’s services, only the respective contractual components shall apply.

(iii) Binding legal advice does not take place on CampusHQ and the user is urged to take a look at the processes and contractual components of the respective public institution or the advertised service provider or company and to become familiar with the respective processes.

(iv) These Terms of Use also apply to all direct and indirect CampusHQ services, including any newsletters, emails, PDF files, mobile representations of the site and any printed version. The use of any user terms and conditions or the conclusion of contracts with third parties is hereby expressly rejected without prior confirmation.

2. Use and Restriction

(i) The contents of CampusHQ should not be considered as individual advice. It cannot be excluded that individual information is not applicable.

(ii) The contents of CampusHQ may contain recommendations directed to the future. However, statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. CampusHQ therefore accepts no liability for actuality, timeliness, correctness or completeness.

(iii) CampusHQ reserves the right to continuously upgrade, update or remove the website or parts of it without prior notice.

(iv) The use of the Site may be prohibited in some countries. If the user is subject to such restrictive laws, he/she is asked to leave the website.

(v) CampusHQ uses SSL protocols to encrypt the communication. No guarantee can be given for the full technical functionality.

3. Special terms and conditions of the Organization Portal

(i) The user of the CampusHQ website is given the non-binding opportunity to register an account for the Organizational Portal at organizer.campushq.de.

(ii) The user is given the opportunity to register anonymously. First name, surname and registration data are not checked for authenticity.

(iii) A valid email address is required to use the organization web-portal. Beyond that, the user is free to use the organizational portal according to individual needs.

(iv) The contents of the organization web-portal are intended for orientation only, in order to provide guidance in planning. The single stages of planning are to be considered as frequent, but not as a sole component of planning.

(v) With the registration and membership, a subscription to the newsletter of CampusHQ is created. The newsletter may contain relevant information and advertisements directed to students.

(vi) Access to the organization portal may be cancelled by the user. After successful logging in, you will see under “Profile” the page “Account”. Membership can be terminated with the following form.

(vii) With the termination of the membership, CampusHQ is obliged to delete the account and data stored by the user. The delivery of the newsletter is also terminated at this point.

(viii) Anti-Exploit-Policy:
In case CampusHQ chooses to permanently discontinue the operation of the organizational web-portal without offering an alternative, it is obliged to delete all contents entered by the user.

4. Intellectual property

(i) Linking to CampusHQ is permitted at any time, as long as it remains clear that CampusHQ is an independent website.

(ii) Quoting short sections of CampusHQ is permitted if the source is quoted.

(iii) The user is free to print the information provided by CampusHQ for private purposes and to distribute it in printed form to a closer circle of friends or relatives free of charge. The distribution of information beyond the extent to which it is normally used for private purposes is hereby not permitted.

5. Exemptions

The exclusion of liability of CampusHQ does not apply to acting on purpose or, in the scope of application of the product liability law, to occurring dangers in case of injury to life, limb and health, in case of serious breaches of duty of care or in case of explicit acceptance of guarantees.

6. Protection of privacy

CampusHQ does not pass on any data to third parties without the prior express permission of the visitor or registered user. Details on data protection can be found in the CampusHQ Privacy Policy.

Applicable law

The general place of jurisdiction is Germany.

The contents of this website are not designed for German users. The use of this site is free of charge, but the critical part of many information can only be used to a limited extent.

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