Insiders’ tip Vienna: A wonderful journey for romantics

Short trips create variety to the often sad student life during lectures and examinations. The phrase “Travelling is a good thing” does not just come from nowhere: meeting new people, enjoying other cultures and seeing sights on site and not just looking at them in books. Vienna offers a good mix of culture and fun. The capital of Austria has a magnificent history to offer. Sisi and Franz, the Vienna Opera Ball and the Panda Breeding at Schönbrunn Zoo are worth a visit. But Vienna has a lot more to offer for a young audience:

The sightseeing attractions

Wiener castles

Vienna was both the capital of the Empire of Austria and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (together with Budapest). This is reflected in the architecture of the castles. The Schönbrunn Palace and the Belvedere Palace Gardens are worth a visit. The castle gardens invite you to take a stroll and offer plenty of fabric for Viennese selfs. Schönbrunn Palace is a World Heritage Site. The Hofburg is also worth seeing. Not only because of the Albertina. The Imperial Apartments also contain a collection of historical cult objects: the Sisi Museum. Since Romy Schneider at the latest, the empress has been suitable for students and is part of the hip general education.

Viennese museums

Natural History Museum
Museum of Modern Art

The Vienna Prater

The Prater is probably a mixture between amusement park and fairground. The grounds are freely accessible and very spacious. Most rides are open between March and October. But some things are open all year round and the Prater changes with the seasons. If you have the opportunity to spend some time in Vienna, you must have seen the Prater. It is also worth a visit even without a large travel budget. The mix of modern and traditional rides is simply unique.

The Nightlife

Vienna’s nightlife is divided into three parts, just like that of any European capital: the hip boys celebrate in the Flash Trout or the Fluc. The city’s electronics scene is world-famous and Viennese DJs often move on the international scene. The U4 and the Praterdome are in fact often reserved for very young audiences. Those who like to “see and be seen” can show up at the Albertina Passage or the Volksgarten Clubdisco. However, both discotheques also have a very narrow dress code. Scene goers are in good hands at Café Europa & Lager.

The Viennese people themselves and the nightlife have a heart for extraordinary life models. Vienna is far from being as old-fashioned and dusty as it might seem during the daytime. Those who are on the road there can have a lot of fun, meet lots of party-hungry people and great bars and clubs, but should also have a certain amount of tolerance.

Vienna with city pass

Anyone who has ever made a city trip knows that a lot of money can be saved with city passes. In Vienna this is probably the Vienna Pass. This is available optionally with or without a Travel Card for 1,2,3 or 6 days. The price then includes admission to 60 sights and museums and, if applicable, the entire Vienna tram, underground and bus network. Such city passes have a completely different advantage. Because they widen the scope. If it is included, you will actually get to one or the other place that you would not have visited otherwise.

Vienna cannot and should not only be experienced by train, in which one travels from one museum to the next. The Renaissance architecture is fantastic and the Vienna State Opera, the Town Hall and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are also worth a visit from the outside. Visitors can experience Viennese culture live in the many parks and recreational areas. The Viennese city park, for example, can also be crossed as a route from one sight to the next and, with all the tourists and locals, is a very special sight in summer.

Overnight stay

Vienna is a student city. Visitors can also benefit from this. The relaxed and cosmopolitan manner of the Viennese is by no means a matter of course throughout Austria. Couchsurfing and AirBNB accommodation is available in Vienna. However, demand is also very high. The early bird catches the worm. If you are looking for short term, you will have to hope for luck in the hostels as well as in your private life. The Wombats City Hostels at the Naschmarkt and also in the Mariahilfer Straße were for a long time considered an insider’s tip. In the meantime, it is also worthwhile in terms of price to compare offers from smaller and less well-known hostels.

Eating in Vienna

If you are in Vienna, you should visit the Naschmarkt during the day. Here you will find all kinds of fresh fruit, vegetables and also many sweet delicacies from market-typical stalls. If at the end of your stay in Vienna there is not so much budget left, you can decide for yourself in Café Gagarin how much you want to spend, in the Tongues on Leopoldstraße there are soups starting at 2.40 and Vienna offers a lot of inexpensive food. Sacher cake, pancakes and ice cream are in the typical tourist areas and near the sightseeings, however, excessively expensive. It is often worthwhile to make a turn around the corner.


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