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Wanderlust and Cultural Experience

Paris – magically romantic

The city of love is by no means only for luxury holidaymakers or couples who want to explain eternal love....
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Insiders’ tip Vienna: A wonderful journey for romantics

Short trips create variety to the often sad student life during lectures and examinations. The phrase "Travelling is a good...
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Lisbon during the holiday season

Lissabon ist eine wundervolle Stadt für Studenten, die einfach mal im Sommer zu Besuch ins Ausland möchten.
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Amsterdam in the semester break

The city of canals and bridges has a lot to offer to students. Amsterdam is famous for coffee shops, tulips,...
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Making beautiful experiences

German Culture: A tour for beginners

The stereotypical German is neat, punctual and tends to be in a rather bad mood? These clichés have become obsolete...
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5 beautiful places for visitors in Germany

5 beautiful cities in Germany for your next weekend trip. Find inspirations for stressful times...
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Berlin erleben:
Tagesguide für Berlin

Berlin is unique! Berlin has a far-reaching past and is now one of the most modern metropolises in Europe. ...
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