Visa for Germany – Short Overview

In Germany there are very favourable conditions for a excellent study. There are also many opportunities to do an internship here, for example in an international organisation, a multinational company or a medium-sized or small business.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get an internship place and therefore access to the German labour market is limited by the fact that you have to apply for a visa for study purposes or for an internship.

What is a visa?

A visa allows you to stay in Germany. There are a few different types available to choose from. Depending on your goals, one of these articles will certainly help you!

Types – Overview for pupils, students and interns

Study in Germany

Study and preparation

Learn more about the visa for study purposes. You can also find out more about your successful visa application here.

The most important questions briefly:
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Topics: Application for visa, Study, Students, Proof of Financial Resources, Studienkolleg, Costs for Visa

Internship in Germany

Internship and preparation

Learn more about the visa for an internship here. This will probably make your organization a little easier!

The most important questions briefly:
Find more information in our interns guide.
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Topics: Application for visa, Internship, Interns, Proof of Financial Resources, also helpful for companies

Frequently asked questions*

* Only the consulate or a representative of the German Foreign Office in your home country can provide you with legally valid information.

Below are typical questions from students applying to study in Germany.

Who needs a visa?

Most non-EU nationals require a visa. Find out more under this link:

Do I need a visa for my studies in Germany?

Citizens of some countries have simplified conditions or exemption from visa requirements. You can find out which countries these are on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Can I start studying with a tourist visa?

No! You cannot start studying in Germany with a tourist visa.

Most important: A tourist visa cannot be converted into a study visa.

Guide: Application

Finding a Study Programme
Prepare your Application
Apply to your Studies

Arrival to your Studies

Visa Organization
Prepare your Arrival
Arrive Successfully

Begin your Studies!

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Support: Important Steps
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