Visa for an internship in Germany

An internship during the course of your studies is usually a very good decision. You gain experience, collect methodical knowledge for your studies and usually get a valuable internship certificate in which your own achievements are explicitly mentioned.

Because many foreign companies in Germany have subsidiaries or their respective management holding companies, many internships are available to foreign students.

But also many German companies offer a wide variety of jobs for interns. The trainees have to be trained! The branches of German companies abroad are often staffed by foreign employees. Thus there is an explicit gap to be filled! This is precisely why it is important for German companies to offer internships for foreign students.

Students from the EU countries do not require a visa, but students from other countries often require one. If you are not from the EU area and need a visa, you can find more details here.

With confirmation of the company

Visa for an internship in Germany

For the visa you need as an intern, you should already know your future employer. With an official confirmation from the employer you can apply for an internship visa.

Usually you will need a written confirmation for your internship of the respective company. This document must contain all necessary information about your employment in Germany, for example:

  • Start of your internship
  • Activity during the internship
  • Organization of your internship
  • and further information, such as basic information about the company.

For a visa you have to meet some requirements. The prerequisites are:

  1. Enrollment at a university or college abroad
  2. successful completion of the fourth semester at the respecive institution

You will also need to provide financial statement. Usually the company pays you a salary in Germany. If this amounts to at least 720 Euro gross per month, no additional proof of financing is required.

If you receive a lower salary, you usually have to provide proof of financing. This can be done by means of a blocked account or in the form of an explanation by close relatives.

Where do I submit the application?

1. From abroad (in your country): Apply to the Embassy of the German Foreign Office in your home country.
For more information:

Internships in Germany: How to apply for visa

After arrival in Germany: Contact the Foreigners Authority at your place of residence.

Applying from Germany (as foreigner):
Get an appointment at the Foreigners Authority at your place!

If you already live in Germany and would like to extend your residence permit in order to take an internship, then the Foreigners Authority at your place of residence is your first contact partner. There you will be notified of important deadlines for your application and will receive further definitive information.

For more information: Working in Germany as a foreigner

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