Working in Germany as a foreign student

Working in Germany

With a certain amount of commitment, it is possible to find a part-time job in Germany – also as a foreigner.

But: It can take several weeks to months before a job offer is successfully placed.

There are many opportunities for students to find a part-time job in Germany! There are jobs in the service sector, industry and the private sector. One can often cover 50% of the costs of a course of study with the offers. Sometimes it is also possible to earn up to 100% of your own costs, so that you are no longer dependent on the help of parents and relatives. But financing the whole study with only part-time jobs is very difficult!

As a student you will find very secure jobs in the service and industry sector. For example, those who succeed in attracting positive attention as production assistants in a company can often stay longer or receive more flexibility during their further period of employment.

It is worthwhile to work hard! Especially in manufacturing companies, employees are often needed for simple tasks on weekends. Since there are often higher wages on weekends and you don’t study most of the time on weekends, you should value a long-lasting working relationship.

General regulations for university job positions

Activities at the university as a researcher, tutor, laboratory assistant and supporting staff in research or in organizational processes at the universities are usually exempted from maximum working hours and are not regarded by the authorities as work, but as an additional performance for successful studies. This is also true if you get money for these activities.

Whoever gets the chance to get a “mini-” job at an university or college can be very happy. In addition to a fixed hourly wage, it is usually possible to take up another job in industry or with other employers.

Nevertheless, it is often advisable to inform the health insurance provider and, if necessary, the foreigners’ authority if a job is taken up at an university.

Activities at university committees, the Studentenwerk or the student council are also regarded as typically university internal activities. Voluntary cooperation is therefore worthwhile – for study and for a large network.

Working as a foreign student in Germany

Foreign students are generally allowed to work in Germany. Unlike non-students, they have to comply with a number of regulations.

In this article, the sections are divided into three different groups of students:

  • Persons from EU and EFTA countries
  • Persons from non-EU countries with residence permit
  • visitors without residence permit

There are different rules between the three groups.

Students from the EU or EFTA
Students from outside the EU (not EU/non EFTA)
Foreign students without residence permit

Participants of a language school or the Studienkolleg
(from non-EU/non-EFTA)

Foreign students without residence permit

Arrival in Germany

Enrollment and Registration
Support: Important Steps

Gain Experience



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